Rite Way offers two models of Heavy Harrows - HH8200 and HH8200-NT (Narrow Transport).

Both are designed to handle conventional tilling, minimum-till and zero-till operations. They use 9/16” (or 5/8") x 28” tines to break and distribute straw evenly and to incorporate granular application effectively.

The tine angle is adjustable hydraulically from the tractor cab so the operator may adjust the aggressiveness of harrowing to match the needs of the field.  Each harrow section is connected to the bar by parallel linkage arms that allow each section to float independently while maintaining a constant pressure to the ground.  With parallel linkage, there is no need to adjust the wheels as the tines wear because constant pressure is maintained by the linkage arms.

Transporting our harrows are a breeze with the patented Field Transport Pivot Wheel System, which allows you to easily go from field to transport position.  And with a transport width of only 9 1/2 feet, the HH8200-NT  leads the industry in transportation safety.

Rite Way Heavy Harrow Features

  • Parallel Linkage Arms with double heavy-duty springs apply equal pressure to all four corners of the harrow section.
  • Hydraulically adjust tine angle from your tractor cab --  from 45° to 85°.
  • Knuckle assembly provides strong, durable connection between frame and wings.
  • Wings follow contour of the land independently from the main frame.
  • HH8200-NT - transport width of 9’ 6”
  • HH8200 - transport width 14' 7" with the exception of the 90' harrow (16' 6" transport width)
  • Auto fold activated from tractor cab.
  • Transport/Field Pivot wheel system ensures smooth transition between field and transport positions.
  • Field Transport Pivot Wheel System eases harrow bar in or out of transport position.
  • Solid draft arms lock into place securely and safely using unique Auto Lock mechanism.



HH8200-NT - 40', 50', 62', 73'

HH8200 - 45', 55', 68', 78', 90'

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Rite Way Heavy Harrows:

. . . shatter and distribute the straw left behind after harvest, or gather excess straw into piles that can be removed from the field.

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