Crush-Rite is Rite Way’s new low input crimper-roller.

Crush-Rite is designed for:

  • Organic farmers
  • Farmers who want to reduce the amount of crop inputs they are using
  • No-till farmers who need help managing trash left by corn, sunflowers, clover, canola and other crops that don’t break down over the winter on their own
  • Farmers who want to prevent soil erosion
  • Innovative farmers experimenting with new crops and cover crops

Crush-Rite Crimper Roller Features

  • All the same great features as Rite Way’s land rollers.
  • FORWARD™ unfolding system
  • Narrow transport width of 8’
  • Larger diameter drum
  • From transport mode to field mode in minutes

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Rite Way Crush-Rite Crimper Roller:

. . . knock down and crimp cover crops before planting your cash crop, control weeds, crush stalks and stems left over from harvest so microorganisms and moisture can break them down over the winter, and reduce or eliminate the need for chemicals.


Crush-Rite Crimper Roller

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