These rugged, durable rock pickers were the first in the industry to combine a hydraulically-driven rotary rock picker and a fork type picker into one machine.

They have since set the standard and have become the best selling rock pickers in the world.

And Rite Way’s rock windrowers will greatly improve the speed and efficiency of your rock picking chores. Its side delivery lets you control the size of the windrows.

RR250ST Rock Picker

  • Two-bat shock protected reel system can remove rocks from 2” in diameter up to 24” x 45”.
  • Bucket dump uses a bearing style hinge.  Has a dumping height of 38”.
  • Hydraulically-controlled hitch has a full 60º range -- allowing the picker to be towed right behind the tractor during transport, or offset to the side at the angle of your choice while in the field.

RR900ST Rock Picker

  • Three-bat shock protected reel system can remove rocks 2” in diameter up to 28” x 55”.
  • Large cast pillow block is used to handle the load of the large bucket capacity (dumping height of 56”).
  • Large flotation tires for reduced compaction and increased maneuverability.

RW1200 Rock Windrowers

  • Handles rocks from 1 1/2” to 12” in diameter.
  • Hydraulic cylinder controls depth and transport positions.
  • Efficiently breaks up clumps and prepares the soil for seeding.

Rite Way Rock Picker Features

  • Hydraulic drive lets reel jam without damaging the machine
  • Jams clear by simply reversing the reel
  • Hard-surfaced teeth
  • Wide range of rake heights
  • Low angle rake
  • Reel spring protects the rake cylinder ensuring durability and low maintenance
  • Back up and dump with a flick of the switch from your tractor
  • Set the speed of the reel with the reversible variably-controlled reel speed system
  • Bucket has an open grate floor and rock deflector for maximum capacity
  • Hose/harness holder on hitch

Rite Way Rock Windrower Features

  • Three-row spiral design
  • Hydraulic driven reel drive
  • Cushion relief valve on hydraulic drive
  • Heavy duty 12” diameter reel
  • Hard surfaced teeth
  • Rugged construction for long years of trouble-free service

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Rite Way Rock Picker:

. . . quickly and easily switch from picking small stones to very large rocks. Simply stop the rotation of the reel and position the forks under the reel. Then engage the reel so that one of the bats holds the rock in place while the forks are raised and the rock can roll on its own into the hopper.

. . . speed up your rock picking chores by using the RW1200 to deliver rocks into a windrow. You can also use the RW1200 to condition the soil in your garden and other smaller areas, breaking up lumps and leveling the ground.


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