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Rite Way Mfg. Co. Ltd. is the name to remember if you’re looking for high quality and affordable farm equipment. When you purchase a Rite Way product, you’re purchasing the company’s commitment to simplicity of design, attention to detail, high-quality construction and efficiency.

Furthermore, Rite Way stands firmly behind its products. So when you purchase a Rite Way product, you’re also purchasing a relationship that will last as long as you own the equipment.

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The story behind Rite Way

Company founder Les Hulicsko built his first piece of farm equipment in 1972 out of his welding shop, where he fabricated miscellaneous ironworks. One of his employees encouraged him to build a rock picker, as farmers were eager to buy them. Les researched the rock picker market and found that there were two types of pickers – one to pick up small rocks, and one to pick larger rocks.

Les decided there must be a way to build a machine that could do both jobs, and concluded that a hydraulically-powered reel would be the answer. When others told him it simply wouldn’t work, he was determined to prove them wrong.

Not only was Les right – but hydraulically-powered reels are now the standard for the rock picker industry.

Since then, Rite Way has led the way in the development of durable, efficient and affordable farm equipment. 

The patented field/transport pivot wheel system is the heart and soul of transporting, folding and unfolding today’s large farm machinery. And now, the patented FORWARD™ unfolding system makes it even easier for farmers to transport, fold and unfold their Rite Way equipment.

Rite Way has two locations. Its main plant is in Imperial, Saskatchewan where it is a major employer in the area. Its head office is in Regina, Saskatchewan, where the research and development and some of the production takes place.

Quality and Innovation:

The newest product from Rite Way is the High Speed Compact Disc (HCD-32). It can be totally configured to address the needs of your field, cutting through trash and straw and working the field from 1” to 4” deep.

Our land rollers feature the patented FORWARDTM unfolding system that allows farmers to unfold their large equipment while moving forward.

Other recent introductions by Rite Way are the Rotary Harrows, and the Crush-Rite for organic and no-till farmers. Keep watching for further innovations from Rite Way.

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