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Rite Way land roller drums are larger, so they make fewer revolutions and more efficiently press rocks into the ground without rolling the crop out ahead of it.

Shorter roller sections, along with 4-way heavy-duty flexible knuckle with a 1 3/4" knuckle pin allows each roller to float independently while maintaining constant ground pressure over changing terrain.

Rite Way land rollers fold up to 14’ for transport, so they can be pulled on any road or highway.

They fold and unfold in minutes without ever leaving your cab. And with our patented FORWARD™ unfolding system, they can be folded and unfolded simply by driving forward.

Finally, it’s easy to tow several pieces of equipment in tandem - such as an air seeder, tank and roller, transport them from field to field, and easily unfold the roller by driving forward.


  • Patented FORWARD™ unfolding system
  • Narrow transport width of 14’ Larger diameter drum
  • Requires less horsepower per square foot to pull
  • Shorter roller sections and 4 way heavy-duty flexible knuckle with a 1 3/4” knuckle pin for constant ground pressure
  • From transport mode to field mode in minutes
  • Taper lock replaceable drum shafts
  • Auto fold hydraulic wing lock
  • Optional acre meter, ideal for rental purposes

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Rite Way Land Rollers:

. . . efficiently press rocks into the ground and leave a smooth surface for a smoother ride when you use your sprayer, and for a trouble-free harvest. And a smoother ride also means less fuel consumption when spraying and harvesting.

. . . increase germination rate and promote even maturation because they ensure every seed you plant immediately has good contact with the soil.

. . . break down crop residue - even cornstalks - so your field is ready to plant in the spring.


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