The Rotary Harrow’s unique tines link together to form an immensely strong and flexible chain to remove buried residue from the soil and level the ground.

For most applications, one pass with the Rotary Harrow (RH9200) prepares a seedbed on minimum-till land, even where surface residue is heavy. A true vertical tillage implement, it can cut through trash and ensure seeds are planted into fertile soil.

Adjust the angle of aggression according to what you want to accomplish. When set correctly, it levels the ground and reduces planter bounce.

25 to 30 Degrees:

  • Get rid of weeds - chemical free
  • Dry wet spots on your field for earlier seeding

30 to 35 Degrees:

  • Knock down and break up heavy trash, including corn stalks
  • Level smaller ridges and prepare an even seedbed
  • Leave trash on surface and fill in crack to conserve moisture

40 Degrees:

  • Level mole holes
  • Smooth rough fields, break up large lumps and level large ridges
  • Remove root balls from the soil
  • Rejuvenate pature and hay fields


Rotary Harrow Features

  • Hydraulically adjust tine angle from your tractor cab --  from 20o to 40o.
  • Knuckle assembly provides strong, durable connection between frame and wings.
  • Wings follow contour of the land independently from the main frame.
  • Auto fold activated from tractor cab.
  • Transport/Field Pivot wheel system ensures smooth transition between field and transport positions.
  • Solid draft arms lock into place securely and safely using unique Auto Lock mechanism.

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Rite Way Rotary Harrow:

. . . the unique tines link together to form an immensely strong and flexible chain to prepare your seedbed, remove buried residue from the soil, level the ground and dry the soil for planting. In wet years, the RH9200 has been used successfully for seeding crops. In dry years, RH9200 helps maintain moisture by creating mulch on the soil surface, effectively sealing in moisture.


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