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LR4100FH, LR4100TPH

11', 14', 16', 20'





32' 36' 42'
46' 52'

Narrow Transport

40' 44' 50'



46' 50' 54' 58'

62' 68'




65' 69' 81' 85' 89'












If you're one of the many progressive and innovative farmers who are diversifying their crops, you'll need new tools and new farming practices to go along with your new crops. And one of your most important pieces of equipment will be a land roller.

Rite Way land rollers are larger, so they make fewer revolutions and more efficiently press rocks into the ground without rolling the crop out ahead of it -- and they need less horsepower per foot to accomplish the task.

Rite Way's rollers float independently while maintaining constant ground pressure -- so it works effectively even as the terrain beneath it constantly changes.

Available in widths from 8' to 85' in one, three, five or seven sections, our land rollers all easily transform to a narrow transport width of only 13 1/2'.

And if you own an F5 or F7 Rite Way Land Roller, when you are ready to start rolling - just drive FORWARDTM and your Rite Way Land Roller unfolds.

See our land rollers in action in the video below.

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